Michael McCaul, United States Air Force

EMT, Lifeguard Ambulance Service

Michael McCaul was in the Army and Navy Junior ROTC program, but opted to enlist in the United States Air Force thanks to memorable visits to his grandparents who lived near Hurlburt Field, Florida. The aircraft there drew him in, as did the roles of the men and women, who seemed to have the most fascinating jobs.

McCaul served as a Munitions Specialist, commonly known by other airmen as AMMO. “I worked with some of the most advanced weapons in the world,” he said. “On a daily basis we were tasked with assembling, handling, inspecting, protecting, storing and transporting all non-nuclear military munitions.”

After nearly 10 years, McCaul wanted to explore more of the world and see what other potential he had. This led him to many different opportunities like receiving both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and working in law enforcement and, ultimately, emergency medical services.

Today, McCaul is an EMT with Lifeguard Ambulance Service in Santa Rosa County, Florida, working 911 calls on an advanced life support ambulance. When call volumes are lower, he and his crew assist with interfacility transports. He feels the military has given him many of the tools and resources he draws from in his civilian role.

“I think the military trains us to be better well-rounded citizens at a young age,” he said. “Many of us deal with the loss of life and other stressful situations early on in our careers. Maturity and the ability to analyze situations in a stressful state has greatly helped with what we do in EMS.”

Rank Achieved
McCaul left the Air Force as a Staff Sergeant (E-5).

Countries Visited
“I was fortunate to visit many countries in Europe and the Middle East,” said McCaul. “I deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 and Iraq in 2009, and even lived in England for a few years.”

The Appeal of Continuing to Serve
“The opportunity to continue to serve within our communities in their time of need was a big draw,” said McCaul. “I know that being a part of a large organization provides me with the tools required to succeed, and the ability to do so in my hometown was appealing."