Robyn Zemek, United States Air National Guard

Appeals Clinician Nurse, Global Medical Response

Robyn Zemek serves as a flight nurse with an Aeromedical Evacuation Unit in the United States Air National Guard. Her loved ones have served, as well. Her great grandfather served during WWII, her younger brother was enlisted in Navy and went on several deployments as a Seabee and currently serves as a Navy Reservist, and her husband is an Apache helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard. Service is in her blood.

Zemek joined the military later in life. She always wanted to be a part of the armed forces, but circumstances seemed to keep holding her back. When she became a flight nurse in the civilian world, she found it so rewarding and also so accommodating in terms of time, she felt like the opportunity finally presented itself to give back serve her county, protecting those who had protected her and her family. For Zemek, her civilian training enhances her military career and vice versa.

“The Air National Guard allowed me to use my training as a civilian Flight Nurse, Emergency Room Nurse and Paramedic in a bigger capacity and provide care worldwide,” said Zemek. “The military has prepared me by providing me with further medical training and certifications to help in my knowledge of medical conditions and treatment plans, which allows me to justify the medical necessity of air ambulance transports,” she added. “The military has also provided me with countless hours of task organization skills, with training and discipline that have helped structure my life and mind to achieve success wherever I apply myself.”

Role at GMR
Zemek is now an Appeals Clinician Nurse. She worked as a Flight Nurse for Hospital Wing for five years, a company that recently joined the Med-Trans family. In her current role, she reviews flight submissions that have been submitted for insurance claims and denied. She compiles packets that include medical records, flight records, supporting articles and documentation to provide justification for why the flight was medically necessary.

Years of Service
Zemek has served for two years and plans to continue in the Reserves for the foreseeable future.

Rank Achieved
Zemek currently holds the rank of Captain in the U.S. Air National Guard.

Most Interesting Military Experience
“I have learned so much with the Air Force's extensive training. Transforming a plane into a mobile hospital and all of the moving parts that allow for rapid transport for fellow military members or humanitarian missions has been amazing.”