GMR Medicine

GMR Medicine

Putting Patients First

The foundation of our profession is the care we provide for our patients, whether an acute life-threatening, time dependent emergency, an unexpected need for medical care or a transport from one facility to another. We are privileged to provide that care through the expertise of a diverse group of professionals including communications specialists, first responders, EMTs, advanced EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physicians, therapists and our thousands of colleagues that support direct clinical care.

We are proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

As an organization, we are committed to providing accountable, evidence-based care in a consistent way. Our expertise is operationalizing sound medicine in often unpredictable environments. Our collective efforts have created the largest practice of out-of-hospital medicine in the country. 

We’re proud of that, too. That’s something that had to be earned. 

As in all of medicine, we have adopted and embraced the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim: 

  • Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction). 
  • Improving the health of populations 
  • Reducing the per capita cost of health care

GMR Medicine is not one individual or one practice. It’s not a protocol, policy or mandate. It’s a collective culture that supports our organizations and the individuals who build and operate patient-care systems in the communities we serve. The strength of GMR Medicine is in the power of the collective wisdom, experience and efforts of those individuals, inside and outside of GMR, who have a passion for street medicine. 

The GMR Medicine National Clinical Leadership supports local practices and facilitates educational opportunities, system analyses, performance assessment and promulgation of evidence and best practices. 

Edward M. Racht, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Global Medical Response