GMR Life

GMR Life

We believe that a culture of well-being must be engrained in an organization's soul. We also believe that well-being is a critical component of the employee experience and, as a company, we are committed to providing the best resources to help everyone who is focused on the well-being of others.

All Clear Foundation

As a frontline responder, rescuing others is the job, but that job can take its toll. YOU | ResponderStrong is a free, confidential space for responders and their families to take charge of their well-being and be their best in their personal and professional lives.

Therapy Dogs – Unconditional Love at a Moment's Notice

Alison Riggs

Founded in 2016, our Therapy Dog Program is committed to bringing comfort and happiness to GMR first responders and the communities they serve. The certified program has a qualified therapy dog team who delivers effective, pet-provided therapy services during times of sadness, stress and mental trauma. Learn more about our program

Baxter handler

If you would like to discuss arranging a visit from a GMR Therapy Dog, contact us at You can follow the GMR Therapy Dog Program on Facebook (@GMRTherapyDogs).