AMR, MedicWest RN Retires After Nearly Five Decades in EMS


EMS pioneer Linda "Matt" Netski is retiring after a nearly 50-year career in the Las Vegas area.
After a career that has spanned nearly five decades, EMS pioneer Linda Netski, or “Matt" as she is known by her friends and colleagues, is hanging up her stethoscope, turning off the computer and retiring.

Netski began her career June 1, 1975. She was one of the first nurses to provide emergency care in the pre-hospital field in Las Vegas. Netski was also an adjunct instructor for the first class of paramedics in Clark County. Her transition from ER nurse began when she joined Mercy Medical Services to train paramedics in an advanced skills course. From that experience, she decided that working outside in the field presented variety and allowed more autonomy in caring for her patients.

Over the years, she has witnessed many changes in emergency medical response, ranging from less cumbersome equipment and better medicines to advanced technology.

“When I started, we had three EMS ambulances working 24/7 covering an area with 280,000 residents. Now, the population we serve is 2.8 million with 160 ambulances,” said Netski.

Today, as the Administrative Manager for AMR Las Vegas and MedicWest Ambulance, Netski is responsible for the data needed to run the operation, comprised of more than 600 first responders. Combined, AMR Las Vegas and MedicWest cover the entire Las Vegas metro area and Southern Nevada, answering about 500 calls per day.

“Matt is the go-to person in the organization,” said Michael Johnson, regional director for AMR Las Vegas. “Whenever I ask her for background content, whether having to do with people, certifications, local politics, or response operations, Matt adds value. Nobody has seen it all, but if there were ever someone that came close, it would be Matt.”

There is a special celebration planned to honor Netski as she enters into the next chapter of her life. When asked what she plans to do next, she said, “I am going to enjoy some downtime, spend time with family and travel, then I will see about helping in the Clark County EMS System somemore.”
AMR, MedicWest RN Retires After Nearly Five Decades in EMS