Guardian Flight Alaska Adds Heated, Humidified Oxygen Capabilities to All Aircraft


The new high-flow oxygen capabilities will greatly benefit patients with respiratory illnesses, critical during the busy flu season and beyond.
Guardian Flight Alaska today announced that it has added high-flow oxygen capabilities for all aircraft in its fleet. The addition of this service comes as the Alaska Department of Health announced substantial influenza activity earlier in the season than in previous years. Activity of the virus is still very high within the state.

"The addition of the Hamilton heated high-flow oxygen systems to our aircraft is in line with our commitment to clinical excellence and high-quality patient care," said Charles Robbins, regional manager of clinical practice for Guardian Flight Alaska. "For patients experiencing hypoxia, increased work of breathing, and mild or moderate respiratory distress, it has a significant impact on their treatment and comfort."

Guardian Flight Alaska is just one of a few air medical providers in the nation and the only provider in the state of Alaska to be using the new heated and humidified high-flow oxygen systems produced by the Hamilton Company.

The system delivers high-flow oxygen at optimal humidity levels, resulting in decreased shortness of breath, decreased work of breathing and improved air volumes. The new oxygen system can be used in both pediatric and adult patient populations and will greatly benefit patients experiencing common respiratory illnesses such as influenza, RSV, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and COVID-19.

“Heated high-flow nasal cannula has allowed physicians to avoid intubation and has been shown to reduce mortality,” said Kevin Omilusik, physician and medical director for Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation. “With the upsurge of serious respiratory illnesses, this is a great improvement for our patients of all ages that require transport to Anchorage.”

The new high-follow oxygen systems are just one of many advancements Guardian Flight Alaska has made this year in its efforts to continue providing the highest level of care to all patients and partners in care. Earlier this year, the air medical provider added an innovative online ordering system and a rapid call transport request button.
Guardian Flight Alaska Adds Heated, Humidified Oxygen Capabilities to All Aircraft