Anna Blair, Navy Veteran

Vice President of Operations, Pacific Region, Global Medical Response

Anna Blair’s grandmother, Muriel McNamara, had served in the United States Navy Nurse Corps during World War II and was an inspiration to her. Wanting to serve her country, Blair too joined the Navy as a nurse. She served for five years and became a flight nurse when she left the Navy.

Blair has been with Global Medical Response for 15 years since leaving the Navy. Today she is the Vice President of GMR’s Pacific Region Operations where she is accountable for several air and ground operations with a current focus on aligning services to deliver compassionate and quality medical care to GMR customers. Blair says her military experience has helped her immensely in her civilian career.

“My military career gave me a sense of pride and belonging that continues in my present role with GMR,” she said. “We were all part of a bigger purpose. It’s an unspoken understanding and connection that, when you are wearing your uniform, you are representing something that others have died for. So it guides your manner of carrying yourself and helps in making the right choices.”

Areas of Service

During her five years in the Navy, Blair’s service was stateside.

Rank Achieved

Blair was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps. Her duties included:

  • Training fellow Navy Nurse Corps members
  • Treating Veterans and active duty Navy personnel

Military Memory

Blair was on active duty on September 11, 2001 and remembers how proud she was to be in the Navy at the time. The introspection she takes from her service time is that she treasures her freedoms each and every day. It gave her the vantage point of being grateful for what she has.