Dwayne McDuffie, United States Army Reserves

VST, EMT, Lifeguard Ambulance Service

Dwayne McDuffie has served in the United States Army Reserves for 20 years. After watching the tragic events of September 11, 2001 unfold in real time on the television, he knew he wanted to serve and protect his friends and family. He chose the Army Reserves in order to gain skills that would make him a better citizen, while also serving his country when called upon.

McDuffie has received high-level training and qualifications in communications (networking and satellites) and human resources. Over the course of two decades, he has risen to the rank of Sergeant (E5), a position trusted with the development of fellow soldiers, responsible for training subordinates in their basic military skills and their respective military occupational specialties.

In 2022, McDuffie joined GMR’s Lifeguard Ambulance Service team in Santa Rosa, Florida, as a Vehicle Supply Technician: a supply manager responsible for ensuring emergency vehicles are properly stocked and ready to serve in their communities. He also assists with calls as an EMT. He credits the military with helping in his civilian life and his work roles.

“The different duties, roles and responsibilities I’ve held throughout my military career have helped me become better at multitasking and management duties,” said McDuffie. “I know how to communicate effectively with my peers and with upper management, to ensure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to supply updates, issues or concerns. And I am able to remain calm and cool at a pressure-filled call scene, helping ensure everyone’s safety and control crowds in potentially dangerous situations.”

Years of Service
McDuffie celebrated 20 years in the Army Reserves in 2022 and continues to serve today.

Deployments/Country’s Visited
McDuffie has served in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Germany. One of his favorite military memories is speaking to the locals while deployed in Iraq and trying their food that had been made in the local market.

Why GMR?
“I wanted to do more for my community locally while still serving my country. I’ve been a volunteer firefighter for 13 years, caring for patients or the patient’s family members on the darkest day of their life. Where showing compassion and empathy can help them get through the tough times. We are told to be professional and not to get emotionally involved, but I believe when you show real human emotion it goes a long way.”