Kenneth Ford, Army Veteran

Bell 407 EMS Instructor, Med-Trans Corporation

When Kenneth Ford’s brother spoke highly of his experience in the United States Army, Ford followed suit and joined the service. Ford’s two-decade military career began as an enlisted soldier working in communications. His career took off as a pilot when he qualified for Warrant Officer Candidate School and Army Pilot Training, after which he served as a Helicopter Pilot/Instructor.

Now in a civilian career with Med-Trans Corp., part of the GMR family of companies, Ford serves as an Instructor Pilot training med-evac pilots on the Bell 407 EMS and its unique four-blade rotor system. His military background and training have been vital to his success in this role.

“My military service gave me experience in handling high-stress situations, similar to what we face with air medical transports,” said Ford. “It also taught me how to work with many different personality types, which serves me well in civilian life.”

Areas of Service

Ford served 20 years in the United States Army - ten years as an enlisted communications specialist and ten years as a pilot. His service included assignments in:

  • West Berlin, Germany
  • Panama
  • South Korea

Rank Achieved

Kenneth achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. Warrant Officer pilots fly some of the most exciting, technologically advanced aircraft in the world. Their duties include:

  • Supporting offensive and defensive operations
  • Providing security (area patrol, convoy) and quick-reaction capability
  • Air assault and air movement operations
  • Troop transport

Greatest Military Experience

Kenneth says the thing he found most interesting during his military career was flying in foreign countries, and the differences pilots had to adjust to in each situation. During his career, he witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and other significant historical events while serving on three different continents.