Kyle Pitcock, United States Air Force

Critical Care Transport Paramedic/Field Training Officer, AMR

Kyle Pitcock comes from a proud military family. His grandfather was a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army and two of his uncles were enlisted in the U.S. Navy. So it’s no wonder Pitcock, who has been fascinated with anything that has to do with flight since childhood, joined the U.S. Air Force. While in the Air Force, Pitcock served as a Fire Protection Specialist, handling medical or fire emergencies on the base as well as emergencies dealing with military equipment, aircraft, weaponry or hazardous materials.

And while he enjoyed the camaraderie he experienced in the Air Force, Pitcock eventually left to advance his career in the civilian sector. That pursuit landed him at GMR, where he’s been serving as a Critical Care Transport Paramedic and Field Training Officer at AMR’s Southern Arizona Operations since June 2016.
Today, he credits the U.S. Armed Services for equipping him with the skills required to do his work well. “My military training prepared me to effectively multi-task, operate well under pressure, and to take initiative to address and solve problems,” said Pitcock.

Rank Achieved
In the three years he served in active duty, Pitcock’s highest rank was Airman First Class (A1C). His responsibilities included being a role model for subordinates, complying with Air Force standards and working on mastering his service in managing emergency situations.

Role with AMR
Pitcock works in an ambulance, primarily managing the ventilator and IV pumps. He also trains new hires, teaches continuing education classes and conducts quality assurance and quality improvement. He’s also responsible for coordinating a community outreach program that provides education and child safety seats to families in need.

Most Interesting Air Force Experience
Pitcock enjoyed working with a wide array of aircraft and responding to in-flight emergencies, such as jammed weapons, canopy bird strikes, landing gear malfunctions, medical emergencies and others.