Michael W. Spaulding, United States Army

Pilot, Air Evac Lifeteam 102, Dublin, GA

Michael W. Spaulding came from a military family. His Dad had served for more than 20 years and it was natural that his son might follow in his footsteps. At about 12 years old, Spaulding became determined to be a pilot. When he was old enough, he enlisted in the United States Army and, after a year of training, was deemed qualified as an Army Aviator.

Spaulding flew AH-64A/D Apache helicopters for more than 23 years, retiring in 2006. In the civilian world, he gravitated toward a similar career as an air-medical transport pilot for GMR’s Air Evac Lifeteam.

“My Army career very much prepared me for my current position (with AEL),” said Spaulding. “I seemed to cover hurt/injured people on the ground. So as a Base Line Pilot I feel I am continuing to help everyone I can. Additionally, flying with considerably heavy loads is similar in the Apache and the (AEL) BH206L, and the night vision system on the Apache was a game changer in that it helped me prepare for my current position in Air Evac.”

Rank Achieved
In his 23-plus-year career in the U.S. Army, Spaulding attained the rank of Chief Warrant Officer-4.
  • Primary duty of a CW4 is to support brigade, battalion division and corps operations.
  • CW4’s possess advanced technical and tactical expertise.
Where He Served
  • Spaulding did two tours of duty in Iraq during Operation Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • He also served in Korea and did a brief tour in Bosnia.
Military Memories
Spaulding served in combat and has many memories of providing cover for ground troops and helping those in need. “I covered an Apache that was shot down in Desert Storm,” he said. “Thankfully, the crew was re-covered safety and returned to duty. Another Apache Flight crew had to make an off-airport landing in Bosnia. It just so happened they landed in an abandoned mine field from that civil war. My Apache covered the downed crew for an hour before a ground echelon could reach the aircraft. I miss flying the Apache because it is the best airframe a person can fly for the job to be done.”