Sharon Smith, Air Force Veteran

Business Development/Partner Relations Manager, AirMed International

Sharon Smith wanted to be part of the aviation world and the U.S. Air Force gave her that opportunity. She served for two-and-a-half years training to be a laboratory technician while also learning how to work with flight records that track planes, cargo and personnel. She left the service to get married and attend college.

After earning her degree, Smith continued to pursue working in aviation. Her time in the Air Force gave Smith the skills to do just that, and she is now a Business Development/Partner Relations Manager for AirMed International.

“(The Air Force) taught me how to resolve issues in a manner that is beneficial to both parties. It also taught me how the aviation world works, crew rest, flight tracking, etc.” said Smith. “While working with C-suite level individuals in my GMR career, my experiences of giving briefings to my commanding officers provides me with the confidence to accomplish that task effectively (in civilian life).”

Rank Achieved

Smith attained the rank of Airman First Class-E3. Airmen first class duties focus on carrying out assignments efficiently and effectively while honing their job skills. They are assigned an increasing level of responsibility while mastering their job and leadership skills.

Role with AirMed International

For GMR’s fixed-wing air medical company, AirMed, Smith works with community partners to develop contracts, build productive relationships and facilitate clear communication.

Most Interesting Air Force Experience

Smith enjoyed working with future pilots. “It was awesome to be a part of training the next great Air Force pilots and leaders,” said Smith. “The most interesting experience was when one of the training pilots had a bird strike through his canopy. Everyone's heart was in their stomachs until that pilot landed and was safe. That was the wildest, most exciting and scariest experience of my career.”